Spent four months working in a war zone in Iraq

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2008 Healthcare Hero
Honorable Mention
Matthew Liepke, MD

Liepke practices at Port City Family Medicine on East Schuyler Street in Oswego.

Liepke's mission to serve extends well beyond his practice of medicine in Oswego. He spent four months during 2007 serving as a doctor in a war zone in Iraq. "He left his practice and family to serve those who serve us," said Eli Rapaport of Port City Family Medicine.

Inspired by his pediatrician, Liepke said he knew he wanted to be a physician since the age of eight. "She was caring and what she did fascinated me," Liepke said. "When I was older I was drawn to science and medicine," he said. "It just seemed that I was able to retain knowledge and understand science and medicine and in the end there was nothing else that I could have done and been happy doing it."

A member of the American Osteopathic Association, Liepke provides care as a military physician and major in the Army National Guard, as well as both hospital and outpatient care locally. "I consider myself to be a well-rounded physician," Liepke said. "It is rare that, as a physician, I can cure someone. However, it is nearly always possible to comfort and treat both the patient and the family," he said. "Providing this comfort and the rewards of doing so produce a feeling that few people will ever know."

Liepke is vice president of Port City Family Medicine in Oswego, a fellow member of American Academy of Pediatrics, and an associate of American College of Physicians. Liepke, originally from Syracuse, and his wife Christina, also a doctor, have two sons, Matthew Jr. and Samuel.