For patient, doctor is the ‘finest and most intelligent physician'

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2008 Healthcare Hero
Honorable Mention
Francis Clifford Arce, MD

Diabetes treatment under Arce is out of this world, or country.

At least his patient, Paulette Gareau, thinks so. The Philippines-educated doctor has been working in Oswego for the past five years. "Dr. Arce is, without a doubt, the finest and most intelligent physician I personally have ever been with since my onset of diabetes," Gareau said. "I am so thankful I found him."

Arce completed his studies at SUNY Stony Brook before moving to Oswego. "I came to Oswego during an ice storm and I thought to myself, ‘this is bad', but the people have been very nice," Arce said. "Back home in the Philippines, everyone knew everyone and Oswego has that same small town feel to it."

"Dr. Arce is a ‘real' diabetes specialist," Gareau said. "I have so much faith in his ability to properly treat diabetics that I have referred seven people to him for care." A "Most Outstanding Intern" during his post-graduate internship at Santo Tomas University Hospital in the Philippines, Arce was also awarded the Pfizer Scholar in Endocrinology Award during his fellowship at University Hospital at Stony Brook.

"There was nothing dramatic that happened in my life that made me want to be a doctor. It was just an interest that I kept pursuing," Arce said. "I think the most rewarding aspect is knowing that you're making a difference in the quality of life for someone," Arce said.

"Dr. Arce is energetic, thorough, hi-tech, and always available," Gareau said.