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Physician's practice draws patients from other areas

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2007 Healthcare Hero:
Mahesh Kuthuru,

He helps ease the pain. Dr. Mahesh Kuthuru, owner and founder of Upstate Pain Medicine, 59 S. First St., Fulton, captured top "Healthcare Hero" honors in the Physician/Fulton category.
Kuthuru was nominated by Terry Salmonsen for the "Healthcare Hero" award.

"Dr. Kuthuru takes time to listen to the problems and concerns of his patients and explains his plan of treatment," Salmonsen wrote. "He even takes interest in the lives, work and hobbies of his patients. It is this devotion which makes him a real healthcare hero."

Kuthuru said he is most proud of his medical degree and his fellowship with the U.S. Chapter of the Royal College of Surgeons.

He has also been involved in multiple presentations at international pain meetings.
"I help people with their pain and this improves their quality of life. I am very happy to be able to help and contribute to society," he said.

He is always perched on the cutting edge of medicine.
"We try and use many exciting and breakthrough interventional techniques to use in the spine, such as opening the space around nerves in the spine," he said.
"We have many examples of people who come in for care and do much better so they can life happier with their families," he noted.

"We have an excellent pain program and attract patients from other cities and states. This allows us to grow better and offer more advanced care for better health," he said.
Upstate Pain Medicine is an onsite training area for the New Vision Program, which offers students the opportunity to learn and watch cutting-edge medicine.

Born in India, Kuthuru, 39, received his medical training at Gandhi Medical College, India. He did cardiac research in New York, and received specialty training at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. He also accomplished subspecialty training in pain medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. He has done numerous presentations nationally and internationally.