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2006 Honorable Mention
Reg Ameele

Reg Ameele led a dual career in the Air Force and pharmacy. He is retired from the military but remains active in the pharmacy field.

As chief pharmacist at Wayne Drug in Parish, Ameele said he chose a career in pharmacy after a high school job piqued his interest. Now his career in pharmacy is all about helping people.
"My career in pharmacy has allowed me to help people with their healthcare on a local level," said Ameele.

One of the things that sets Ameele apart from other pharmacists is his willingness to get to know his customers and help them with other problems besides their medication. He often takes time to make insurance arrangements and calls for his customers. "At least twice a week I contact various organizations or insurers to assist patients in determining what pharmacy benefits they have," said Ameele. "Patients are often confused by the systems."

Although helping people receive and understand their medications is the most important part of Ameele's job, he knows that he can go beyond your average pharmacist and deal with insurance companies. "I think that sometimes I can help them with that as much as their medications," he said.

Ameele is a resident of Baldwinsville, where he lives with his wife Betsy.