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2006 Honorable Mention
Kristine Gugula

Kristine Gugula certainly has a full plate when it comes to nursing.

As the only nurse for the three offices of Northway Medical Associates in Fulton, Gugula is the "jack of all trades" of healthcare. "I do a little bit of everything," the nine-year nursing veteran said. "They definitely keep me busy around here."

"Everything" includes overseeing new MAs, the day-to-day care of patients, driving supplies from office to office, taking phone calls and even handling patients' insurance data. Gugula also goes above and beyond normal duties, making home calls to outpatients to make sure they're sticking to doctor's orders.

Gugula attributes her success as a nurse to her ability to gain a patient's trust and her own caring nature. It also doesn't hurt to work in a small town, she said. "The patients basically accept me as their family because I am," Gugula said. "I always give them 100 percent and let them know they can trust me. Most of my patients don't live more than a mile from me."

Irene Gugula, Kris's mother-in-law, nominated her daughter-in-law because "she always gives a smile and 'hello' when you walk in for an appointment and calls to make sure you're taking your medications. I'm proud to call her my daughter when strangers ask, even if it is by marriage."