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2006 Honorable Mention
Glenn Thibault

Old timers fondly reminisce about the bygone days when physicians would make house calls to patients who were too sick or injured to make it in to a medical office. Glenn Thibault, M.D., a primary care physician at Northern Oswego County Health Services (NOCHS) in Pulaski still does.
"It's usually helping people in the end stages of life," says Thibault.

Thibault's quiet, understated demeanor belies his experience — he's done tours of duty in both Iraq Wars, his most recent ended in September 2005. He served as battalion surgeon for the third battalion, 25th Marines, a unit that saw the highest American casualties in the operation.
"It was a rough time, but I have to say I felt useful," says Thibault, whose duties also came to include religious lay-leader, morale welfare recreational leader and civil affairs medical officer. Those duties had him handling everything from religious services, to making sure the troops had access to games and other stress relievers. He also served as a advisor to Iraqi health clinics.

While he practices family medicine in Pulaski, Thibault has substantial surgical experience, having completed a surgical internship while in the Navy. He performs vasectomies on male patients who request them at NOCHS. "There are a lot of women getting tubal ligations when their husbands should be getting vasectomies," he says of the less invasive male operation.