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2006 Honorable Mention
Eileen Ponto

Eileen Ponto has dedicated her career to teaching the next generation of health care professionals. She is New Vision's instructor for the Fulton, Phoenix, Central and Hannibal schools.

New Vision's Allied Health program was set up in the Fulton area by Ponto 10 years ago. It is a cooperative effort with BOCES and A. L. Lee Memorial Hospital. Ponto developed the curriculum and set up rotations. The program gives college-bound high school seniors a chance to explore careers in health care by working directly with professionals.

Ponto, a registered nurse and certified English and health teacher, takes high school seniors for half of each day to learn about careers in health care. The program provides education and work experience."It's very rewarding because you see your graduates go on to be successful in college," said Ponto. "New Vision is opening doors for them and demonstrates an early focus on goals."

Ponto enjoys helping her students with future successes."It's a really innovative way for students to learn and it's a great transition to college."