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2006 Honorable Mention
Claudia Henderson

Claudia Henderson has a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to nursing. In fact, both patients and employees at Oswego Hospital refer to her as "Sarge."

"It was really just one incident where I whipped a patient into shape, but the name hung around," she chuckled. Henderson has also earned other "leadership-esque" nicknames during her tenure, like "the boss."

Henderson is a licensed practical nurse and serves patients in the hospital's adult medical surgical wing, which she says is much different than her beginnings in asthma care. "I've come full-circle as a nurse here," Henderson said. "I treated many of my older patients when they were kids, when I was just 18, and now they're back as adults."

Henderson, who's been at the hospital for 34 years, still follows the advice given to her by the doctors who were there when she first started, many of whom she treated as "they took their final breaths."

It's more than just advice to Henderson, who said her three decades of nursing experience show patients and staff alike her dedication to her work. "The patients trust me here," she said. "Because I understand their illnesses and their medications. I teach them what I know so they can take care of themselves when they go back home."