THANKS to our 2006 sponsors:

Oswego County Business



2006 Healthcare Heroes

  1. Dr. James Campbell
  2. Dr. Sara Jo Grethlein
  3. Dr. Lawrence Koss
  4. Robert Berkley
  5. Geralyn Hall
  6. Ellen Holst
  7. Lori Giverson
  8. Barbara Samson
  9. Louise Kellogg


Honorable Mention

  1. Dr. Richard Fiese
  2. Dr. Suryakant Patel
  3. Dr. Glenn Thibault
  4. Andrew Catalone
  5. Julie Chetney
  6. Kristine Gugula
  7. Claudia Henderson
  8. Eileen Ponto
  9. Reg Ameele

2006 Judges

swego County Business magazine invited six people--with no direct affiliation with either Oswego Health or A. L. Lee Memorial Hospital--to analyze all nominations and determine, based on the information provided to us, who among all the nominees should land the top spot for this first Oswego County Healthcare Hero Awards. The criteria they followed are: 1) Career/Education; 2) Awards/Honors; 3) Community Involvement; 4) Accomplishments/Innovations; and 5) General Overview. The final decision was made on a consensus basis.

John Mosher, human resources director, Novelis.

Nick Hable, human resources director, Huhtamaki.

Jean Grant, director of Mary Walker Health Center.

Shannon White, Marketing manager, OOC

Andrea McCabe, director of Catholic Charities.

Daryl Bennig, a registered nurse based in Syracuse.